10 things you absolutely need if you are travelling with your pets.

Leaving your pet back home while travelling can be an overwhelming experience for both the pet and yourself. So why not take your pet along with you and create some wonderful memories? Making your pet comfortable on a journey can be tricky, but here’s a list of 10 absolutely essential things that you need to carry while travelling with pets on a journey.

1. LED Collars: These collars help keep a track of your dog especially on a camping trip at night. The illuminating collar helps you keep an eye on the whereabouts of your dog without having to worry about him/her getting lost in the woods. Another use of this collar is to warn drivers and riders on the road so as to prevent accidents. An LED collar is bright enough to illuminate the path you are on as well, reducing the need for a torch or a mobile flash light. You can find LED collars on Amazon.

travelling with pets
Travelling with pets - things you need

2. Portable Water and Food Bowl: Finding a clean bowl to feed your pet wherever you go can be a challenging task. While travelling with pets, you need to ensure they get a constant supply of water and food the same way we do during a journey. It is convenient to carry portable bowls as they can be fed whenever the need arises.

3. Tags: Pets, in an unfamiliar environment, get inquisitive of everything around them and wander away. In situations like this, an updated tag with the name of the owner, contact number, contact address and the name of the pet can help get your pet back to you safe and sound.

4. First Aid Kit: It is important to carry a first aid kit as you never know what trouble your pet might run into. The kit includes an antiseptic lotion, a pair of tweezers (to pull out ticks or thorns), anti-tick and anti-flea powder, medicated shampoo or spray, wire gauze, cotton and any prescription medications required for your pet.

5. Pet Mats: It is always helpful to carry your pets mat or bedding along as it gives them a sense of familiarity. Carrying their mats can help your pets have a happy stay and avoid the uneasiness it causes them in unfamiliar environments. Check out Prazuchi mat here.

6. Leash: While on a trip, your pet requires bathroom breaks. As it is an unfamiliar territory, a leash helps you keep your pet close and prevents him/her from running away. Also, a lot of places require a pet to be leashed.

Travelling with pets - things you need
Travelling with pets - things you need

7. Food and Treats: Changing your pet’s diet on a trip can upset his/her stomach. Feeding dogs oily food and sugary biscuits is not good for their health. Carrying his/her food can help avoid messy situations and a sick pet. Treats can help in keeping them well mannered through the trip. Dont forget to reward them when they are calm and behaving well outdoors.

8. Wet Wipes: These are extremely helpful to wipe any drool or unwanted dirt off your pet without having to give them a bath. Very often their feet get muddy or they require cleaning after a bathroom break. Wet wipes can save you a ton of trouble.

9. Poop Bags: It’s always nice to clean up after one-self. However, since our furry friends can’t do it themselves (if they could, they would) we need to clean up after them as responsible adults our pets think we are.

10. A Favourite Toy: Unfamiliar territory can stress your pet. A toy can help your pet ease up in stressful situations. It gives them a sense of belonging and helps them settle down. They are just big babies after all!

Travelling with pets - things you need

The requirements for each and every pet might differ. As a pet parent you know your pet and its needs the best. So plan and pack accordingly. If you are travelling with pets abroad, do remember to carry the pet passport and make sure your it is vaccinated and healthy before taking them overseas. A vaccination record should be maintained as most countries abroad require the vaccination reports.

These are just a few things to be done to make great memories with your furry babies. They enjoy spending time with you! So pack up and get going!

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