Dog Mat

Dog Mat

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The Dog mat or pet mat is for owners who are always on the move and like to have their pets by their side. It is a soft, fluffy and an easy to care mat. You can use it as a crate mat or it can be laid down for your pooch just about anywhere! In the back seat while you travel, in the balcony for some fresh air, on the forest ground when you are on a hike.

Watch sunsets together, and cuddle up with them on these cute and cozy mats. So hop in your car with your pet and your mat and go on an adventure.


Charcoal Grey, Ash Grey, Chestnut Brown, Fawn Brown, Walnut Brown, Olive Green, Moss Green, Teal, Tiffany Blue, Navy Blue, Crystal Blue, Rust Red, Royal Red, Violet, Purple, Pretty Pink, Maroon, Golden Yellow




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The Dog mat or pet mat is made with polyester fabric and filled with hypoallergenic polyester fibers.

The pet mat can be washed just like a quilt. It is easy to wash or just give it to the dry cleaner.

It is made with tough and plush sofa fabric with a high GSM of 460 and abrasion resistance of more than 20000 cycles.

Ideal for pet owners who like to travel, this lightweight pet mat can be easily carried around on your trips to give your pet the nice, cozy sleep during stressful travels.

The L pet mat measures 36″x 26″ and the XXL pet mat measures 50″ x 34″ and both are about 6″ thick on an average.