About Us

Who we are

A team that loves to create

The idea of Prazuchi was conceived with the sole purpose of helping our voiceless companions in animal shelters. Through our journey of loads of troubleshooting and destruction of prototypes by our two adopted jewels (Bonnie and Clyde), we perfected our waterproof beds. Read our full story here.

Our first primary goal is to fill up animal shelters with these waterproof beds, which are really easy to clean and super comfortable, because even our furry friends deserve a nice bed to retire for the day.

As a part of our initiative, we encourage our customers and friends to adopt a pet instead of purchasing them and hence Indie pet parents get a special discount from us. So shop through our wide range of stylish and comfortable pet beds which also add glamour to your homes.

If you would like to donate beds on your behalf, please get in touch with us on support@prazuchi.com