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Chewproof Dog Bed
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Denim Chewproof Dog Bed
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Why to buy Chewproof Dog Bed

Rip-stop Nylon 9X9 stops the inner cushion from tearing apart.

Waterproof for doggo accidents

Nylon kevlar thread for unbreakable stitches.

Easy to wash removable cover


Dog Bed

Rip Stop Waterproof Nylon fabric stops fabric from tearing up and holes from getting bigger
Tough upholstery fabric removable cover for easy wash

Let Naughty Ones Be Naughty

Toughest in the market and easy to clean chewproof dog beds. These beds are waterproof and come with a removable cover. Filled with lofty poly fiber, the dog bed will provide your dog comfort for a long time. Available in 18 colors, they blend in with your interiors and and come for doggos of all sizes and shapes.

What our customers say


I ordered this along with an Orthopaedic bed for my 2 dogs, a lab and a GSD, in total they have 3 beds all over the house. This is the most preferred during the day and they gradually switch over to the orthodontist beds during sleep time at night, the bed, build quality and the covers are really good.

The covers are washable and come in a variety of colours , quick to dry and good quality.
I reached out to Prazuchi for a tear that my GSD puppy managed and she just offered to replace the cover which is really awesome, also I would recommend the crystal blue as I already have it and also I ordered additional covers for both their beds.

One feedback is if they could make the bottom side slip proof , it would help as both my pets in their exuberance keep pushing this all over :). Excellent product and great service! Keep up the good work and Thanks again team Prazuchi.


My 3 dogs and all of my foster puppies use this Prazuchi bed. The bed is chew proof and easily washable – I pop the cover in the washing machine, and it comes out looking good as new. The dogs have been using their beds for almost a year now and there’s hardly any wear & tear. I also love that Prazuchi is an ethical company that supports rescue and rehabilitation of animals.


This is a fantastic practical dog bed solution for my puppy who absolutely loves it.
He does not try to jump on sofa anymore.
If we move his bed he gets worried about his bed


I got this dog bed for my partially adopted streetie. He comes and goes whenever he wants. So I wanted a bed for him to keep outside since its getting cold these days. I wanted a very sturdy bed. I visited a few local pet stores but didn’t find any of those beds satisfactory. None of them were suitable for a rough outdoor use at all. I landed here after looking for chewproof pet beds.

This bed is of excellent quality. It has a cushion and a cover. The cushion is waterproof and quite sturdy. The cover has a hidden zipper, it makes it look very good. I am not sure if I will be using the cover with the bed all the time as it seems like a good material.

My buddhu took to it right away. It is definitely an upgrade from the cold floor. He was frantically looking for the bed when I took it away for removing the cover.