Housebreaking An Older Dog


So you have just got an adult dog and he/she needs to be housebroken. Read on to find out how to housebreak an older dog fast.  Contrary to the popular belief, adult dogs actually make wonderful companions. Coming from someone who has had loads of puppies to take care of, I am all about taking in adult dogs. They offer so much quality to your life with not much maintenance required.  But what if you bring one home and discover he is not housebroken?  How can you housebreak an adult dog fast?  Keep reading!


  • Assume that he is not housebroken yet

After you have brought him home, you should always assume he was not housebroken at a young age. The main thing here is patience. Normally, it is easier to housebreak an adult dog as compared to pups. If he has been housebroken, the process will speed up a lot. But if he hasn’t, it will still be easier as compared to having a new puppy. They don’t want to soil the place they hang around, neither do they want to disappoint you. They might truly not know if outside is where they are supposed to do their business.


  • Crate train him, don’t feel bad

Dogs actually love having their own space, somewhere they feel safe and comfortable. It is highly unlikely that they will soil the place they sleep/rest on. Get your dog a crate large enough for him to stretch and make it super comfortable. You can check out our candy color pet mats at Prazuchi. If you are not going to be around for a while, you dog needs to be confined in his safe place, where he can’t get out if he makes a mess. It will also teach him to hold it in till he can go outside.


  • Fix a bathroom routine

This is the most important step for training any dog or animal. Animals tend to have a set biological clock. They will do the same thing everyday at the same time. Dogs are no different. There should be a set meal time and a set time for taking him out for walks and doodie business. Take him out right after he is done finishing his meal. Be punctual when it comes to your dog or this han hamper all other training as well.


  • Keep an eye on him

Dogs communicate with you, at least they try to and it is also your job to try and comprehend. They will have a different body language for what they want to tell you. Keep a close eye on your dog, his behaviour and how he acts or responds to certain things. They try their best to tell if they are not able to hold it in. Every sign that might resemble a ‘need to go out’ should be taken seriously. He doesn’t want to upset you, so listen to him.


  • Use the same command

When housebreaking your dog, make sure you use the same command for going to do his business, and for the same spot you want him to go in.  Dogs are smart and can learn an approximate of 165 words. When you use the same command word all the time (something like ‘Go potty’ or ‘Good potty’) he knows that when you leash him up or open those heavenly gates of freedom he is supposed to go relieve himself.  He will also go to the same spot you train him to go to.


And finally a big virtual hug and thanks to folks who adopt adult dogs, regardless of him being housebroken or not. Thank you helping out an animal in need.

Share your experience about housebreaking your adult dog in the comments below. We might have missed something. Cheers to all you happy pet parents!

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