Monochrome Ballad Large Waterproof Dog Bed

SKU: PET001BF-2.

Monochrome Ballad Large Waterproof Dog Bed

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A lazy bed for your pet to relax on. Its waterproof and super easy to clean. Perfect for the naughty and messy ones.

The cover is made of rich and plush sofa fabric that are tough and durable, and yet really soft and comfortable to lie on. It is a heavy weight fabric with a GSM of 460 and abrasion resistance of more than 20000 cycles.

Filled with the softest poly fibres, it is super comfortable and makes you feel like you’re floating on the clouds. Your pooch will say goodbye to your sofa.
Psst… you can also use them as outdoor floor cushions.

Features include:

  • Water Resistant Pillow Cushion
  • Hypoallergenic Materials
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Soft and Plush Cover
  • Hidden Zippered Cover
  • Lightweight and Long Lasting



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Prazuchi brings you the toughest waterproof dog bed. They are perfect beds for puppies and older dogs who have a tough time controlling their bladders. Owners often get frustrated cleaning their bedding every time an accident occurs. The waterproof dog bed solves their problem and makes it much easier on the pet owners to manage the hygiene. This bed is easy to manage and built to stand the test of time.

The inner cushion cover is made of tough faux leather and filled with high grade, hypoallergenic and soft polyester fibers making it comfortable and lofty. Our pets love this bed as they sink in their pillow and they can nestle in easily.

The cover of this faux leather dog bed is made of plush upholstery material, makes it easy to clean and stays cool during summers.The beautiful cover will not stick out like a sore in your house interiors making it just the right product for you. It is a heavy weight fabric with a GSM of 460 and abrasion resistance of more than 20000 cycles. The cover comes with a hidden zipper to deter swallowing harmful parts in case of heavy chewing. (If your pooch is a heavy chewer, you should check out our chewproof dog beds here: Chewproof Dog Beds)

Cleaning the bed is very easy, just remove the cover and wash like a normal bed spread. For the pillow, wipe off any accidents on the bed with a towel and a pet friendly cleaner.

It is always a good idea to have an extra bed cover ready. You can get extra covers for this bed here: Faux Leather Dog Bed Covers

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