Checker Print LED collar-Purple

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Checker Print LED collar-Purple

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Love going out doors with your pets? Keep your pooch in sight with the help of these LED collars. They are adjustable from 32 cm to 50 cm in length and look great either way.
The LED mechanism has three light settings fast blink, slow blink and steady light, which you can change with pressing just a button on the collar. It is ideal for walking your pets at night and making them stand out.

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The LED dog collar purple checker print is made of nylon fabric which encloses the LED. The battery is inbuilt and hence it is not rechargeable. It is advisable to switch on the LED only when required.

The enclosure is made of strong and high quality plastic buckle and the length of the collar is adjustable from 32-50 cm. Please measure the neck of your pooch to confirm whether it will fit them. You can adjust it to a smaller size by cutting of the LED strap at the open end if required.

The collar is not waterproof, hence it is advisable to remove it while going into water bodies or during heavy rains.

Be safe and have fun!