Bolster Dog Beds

Bolster Dog Beds

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The classic bolster dog bed, loved by pooches and pet-parents alike. These beds are great for pets who like to snuggle deep in their bedding or put their heads on some armrest and sleep. Add a soft Prazuchi faux fur blanket and it becomes the coziest place your pet can be in! Cleaning them is a piece of cake! Just dust them regularly and wash them in the machine once-in-a-while.


Features include:

  1. Soft and firm bolsters
  2. Abrasion-resistant fabric
  3. Easily Washable
  4. Breathable Design
  5. Lightweight and Durable

Small(20"x20"), Medium(30"x30"), Large(37"x37"), Xtra Large(42"x42")


Wine, Purple, Navy Blue, Teal, Maroon, Tiffany Blue


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Our bolster dog bed is made with soft upholstery fabric, which has a high GSM of 460 and abrasion resistance of over 40000 cycles. It resists normal wear and tear from those cute and pointy nails. Although our fabric is tough, it is also soft and cosy. We fill up our bolsters to the max so that they retain their shape and firmness for years together. The bottom side of the bed is tufted to give it a snuggly feel and it looks great, too! We use hypoallergenic polyester fibres to fill our bolster dog beds, and it feels like lying down on a bed of clouds.
Cleaning bolster dog beds can be a big hassle. Dog hair and dust comes off easily from our upholstery fabric. Regular dusting will keep the bed looking as good as new. To wash the bed, hand-wash it in lukewarm water, and let it sun-dry to make it poufy and soft again.
Built dog tough! When it comes to our dog beds, we are not frugal. Every single one of our products is made from only the highest-quality materials to ensure that your dog bed will last for years.
If your dog loves to chew everything up, you should check out our chewproof dog beds.

The small bolster bed measures 20 inches in its length and width and is suitable for small dogs. The large bolster bed measures 30 inches in its length and width and is suitable for medium sized dogs like indies.

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